1. Our designs are not limited by the materials available on the market. By searching and finding the required material we modify it to fit our design. Our extraordinarily talented and skillful artisans provide us with more freedom and less limitation. We are constantly pushing the creative boundaries as far as it is possible.

The ultimate purpose of fitting the material to the design is to allow the design to be the dominant feature in the creative process. At the same time it reinforces the value of the product through its uniqueness.

2. Von Eden is one of few brands able to produce high class jewellery watch pieces. Our strong technical and practical support ensures that each precious jewellery watch piece will have a unique design and mechanism for the enjoyment of the client.

3. Every unique customized product is created with the expertise of a highly skilled team in order to present an article with care and dedication. Customization can be done in all perspective features of the envisaged product. By clear communication with our designer satisfaction is guaranteed.

4. Setting gemstone onto other gemstones is one of our incredible technical features. By cutting initial gemstone or semi-gemstone into a specific form it becomes the basis for the main gemstone to be set onto. The art lies in the creation of a perfect fit for the base to accommodate the main stone. Many years acquired skill and experience is required to achieve this amazing effect of a floating gemstone.

5. Our philosophy of design aims to be transformable and playful. We believe that jewellery should never be rigid and uninterested. Our designs are eye-catching and amusing. During the development of the designing process we love to install such mechanism to create jewellery with transformable and playful elements. Consequently our jewellery becomes more attractive and desirable. At the same time the aesthetic value of our creations is increased.

6. Jewelrified objects: Von Eden do not focus solely on the traditional luxury goods range, but also on the more unusual items, such as jewelrified belt buckles, watches, perfume bottles, etc. Our exuberant creativity and technical ability will put new sparkle into your life.

7.A unique feature of Von Eden’s creations is the dimensional jewellery. These designs are intended to subvert the traditional perspective that jewellery is simply the display of gemstones. We construct each piece to emanate a sculptural effect. when viewing it, an epic monumental sense will highlight the extraordinarily good taste of the wearer.

8.A very distinctive specialty of Von Eden is the cutting of the diamond from its original rough state to the requirements of the client. Usually, diamonds are cut into general shapes such as brilliant cut, princess cut, pear cut , etc. However, our strong technical ability allows us to offer our client a diamond cut in any desired way.

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