Von Eden was founded by the South African based designer of jewellery and luxury goods, Kobe Zhao. Mr. Zhao graduated from the Jewellery Design Department of the University of Stellenbosch in the Cape Province, South Africa. After his employment by several South African top jewellery brands, Kobe Zhao was selected to attend the Creative Academy in Milan, Italy, which was founded by Compagnie Financière Richemont SA. He achieved the Master of Luxury Goods Design Degree. Subsequently he was appointed by the well-know top jewellery brand, Cartier as jewellery watch and traditional watch designer. Mr. Zhao has since established his own brand: Von Eden.

The brand name is derived from German and means ‘From Paradise’. The brand is deeply rooted in and inspired by the natural beauty and cultural spirit of South Africa and the many enchanting stories from the African continent. The brand is determined to produce superior quality luxury goods of high aesthetic value which would display our remarkable creativity beyond the imagination. Our creations have an almost unbelievable uniqueness as if coming from Eden itself.

Being a South African based brand, Von Eden brings a long and legendary history of the indigenous diamond and gemstone industry. We benefited from reliable material sources coupled with our high quality craftsmanship which enables us to continuously challenge ourselves. We are constantly pushing wider the boundaries of creativity and levels of quality. Other than some brands of jewellery, Von Eden always put the design first. Thus our designs are not limited by any restrictions regarding availability or variety of materials. We rather allow the design to dictate the manufacturing process and the selection of materials. Should a design specify any unusual cutting of gemstones or involve a unique mechanism, we always revert to the initial point of departure. Von Eden consider themselves as loyal servants of creativity.

Since we value creativity extremely high, our main focus is on private commissions and limited editions of high quality luxury goods. We confirm that no two similar items will ever be produced and guarantee the unique authenticity of every creation from Von Eden. This policy is treasured and respected at all times.

Von Eden not only offers very high quality luxury goods to its clients, but also provides reliable after-sales service through professional maintenance of products and information about care and handling of all such items. This serves to preserve the unique beauty of each creation. Von Eden promises to take responsibility for everything produced under its brand regardless of the validity period.