Code of ethics and conduct


Code of ethics and conduct of membership of The Jewellery council of South Africa.

We hereby declare that Von Eden, as a member of The Jewellery council of South Africa, accepts and obeys the following rules and regulations in order to honour our clients.

The Jewellery Council of South Africa


this member has pledged to

Conduct business and treat customers in a manner befitting the status of a Jewellery Council member at all times;

Ensure that every purchaser is a satisfied customer and to render prompt and efficient service;

Offer service based on the highest ethical standards;

Maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity;

Earn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving value at a fair price;

Promote goodwill and communication between Jewellery Country members;

Refrain from belittling the value and/or quality of merchandise supplied by competitors / colleagues;

Maintain sound business relationships with suppliers in order to provide the best ultimate service to customers;

Submit to arbitration in case of a dispute between member and customer, or member and supplier, or member and member;

Avoid untruthful or misleading statements in publicity and/or advertising.